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Inspired By the Dynamic and profound creation & work

of Dawn Morningstar


Caring Hands offers a deeply fulfilling experience focused

on the path being taken nation wide in honoring venerable women 

this brings into play elements from the Ancient Traditions of India and the Modern understanding of Energetics, gemstones, body and spirit energy centers, massage, ayurvedic kansa wands, tibetan sound bowls, Music and subtle feather healing artistry. This unique experience allows you to be brought to a soulful awarness that touches and reveals your innerself in Body, Mind & Spirit.

n honoring yourself in this way, you bring your mind’s intention to releasing your body’s stress, allowing the heart to let go in forgiveness enabling the flow of the river of your energy that connects you to yourself and Spirit’s Source.

In action you may reach for your highest potential and create honor now for other women and bring this gift of honoring to the daughters of the future.

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