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Inspired By the Dynamic and profound creation & work

of Dawn Morningstar

Caring Hands offers a deeply fulfilling experience focused

on the path being taken nation wide in honoring venerable women

Elements from ancient traditions and the modern understanding of energy wash over you in this Venerable Woman Spa Experience. 

You relax into massage as sacred gemstones are placed upon your body and spirit energy centers. Experience the magic of the Kansa Wand, which originated in India, and invite Tibetan sound bowls, prayerful meditation, and subtle feather healing artistry to bless you—in body, mind, and spirit.  

This unique experience brings you to soulful awareness, revealing your highest and best self.

Embrace self-care, self-love, and self-empowerment to support your journey—while releasing stress and allowing your heart to experience deep love. 

Feel the joy of your authentic self and leave feeling confident in your highest potential and possibility. 

Because we are all interconnected—all souls, including the  daughters and sons of the future, will benefit from how you honor yourself today.This is your time.

This is how you transform the world, starting within yourself.

your investment:

ninety minute Treatment alone - $125

ninety minute treatment Including Dawn morningstar’ book & Venerable Oil of Awakening "18" - $175

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