Luxurious Spa Day

Refreshing Spa Day

Blends an Hour of Massage, a Relaxing Face Treatment, Infrared Sauna Session and the Vichy Spa Shower. (Approx. 3 Hours)

Rejuvenating Spa Day

Beginning with an infrared Sauna Session, that a Relaxing Face Treatment, pause for a Delicious Light Lunch. and then enjoy your choice of Spa Experience (Body Clay Mask, Body Salt Scrub, or Taste of Everything) includimg a soothing Vichy Spa Shower and finidh with a Nurturing Hour of Massage. (Approx. 4 Hours)

Happy Feet Spa Day

Your feet smile as they slip into a luscious Floral Foot Soak and then delight as they smoothly cleansd by Foot Salt Scrub and believe they went to went to Heaven during a Feet First Session with Hot Stones and Towels and deeply satisfying Foot Massage (One Hour) .