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Massage Sevices

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Individual Massage

Your time for relaxation, injury care, sports massage, body-mind emotional release, pain relief, or enhanced performance.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage can help you naturally feel better, be more flexible and manage stress during this intense time of life. Our special maternity table offers extra comfort. Relaxed happy mothers-to-be can result in more relaxed delivery.

Couples Massage

Take quality time as a couple to be renewed and relaxed…to be together in a way that brings you both to a place where you walk out floating and smiling.

Ultimate Massage

Exceptionally magnified relaxation and deep healing of the three Enhanced Half Hour Massage Sessions, Head Up, Feet First, and Bottom Line, and additional half hour of massage to connect and bring it all together. This experience simply gives you more when you want more.

An Exceptional Backrub

An exceptional back rub, simple basic and gives you relaxation, pain relief and a nice break from a hectic life. Begins with a hot, warm towel soothing the back blended with the full spirited aroma of Cedar. Strong, gentle hands relax and relieve tired, sore muscles.

Heads Up

Soothing the Head, Neck and Face with strong focused massage with warm and cool compresses, hot stones, freeing mental and physical tension. Half Hour

Feet First

Fully pamper tired, overworked feet with warm heat (towels & stones) and luxurious massage. (Half Hour)

Bottom Line

A Strong Focus on Low Back and Hips to return freedom of movement and relieve stress and pain. (Half Hour)

Deep Tissue Therapy

Gentle, firm, exceptional deep work that encourages and supports recovery and injury care on many levels.

Stone Enhanced Massage

Deep penetrating heat of warm stones partner with expertise and experience of strong hands to create this unique massage.

C.B.D. Oil Enhanced Massage

This oil offers a unique opportunity for relief of pain and inflammation naturally, each session begins with a small water based C.B.D. oil drink to carry the benefits throughout your day, followed with strategically applied topical C.B.D. according to your needs.

Aromatherapy Massage

The richness of Caring Hands are beautifully custom blended together with pure essential oils and our high grade jojoba massage oil to heal and delight the senses.

Outdoor Massage

Together our Relaxation Garden and Private Bathing Area offer a wonderful environment for a truly refreshing massage in a new way. Seasonally Available



Spa Sessions

Vichy Spa Shower

Begin with dry body brushing with natural brushes then experience the blissful calm melting stress with the luxurious sensation of warm massaging rain from the five powerful shower heads. (20 minutes)

Body Clay Mask with Vichy Shower
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Body Clay Mask with Vichy Shower

Exotic green clay is gently painted on your body helping to cleanse and release toxins along with foot pressure point treatment and a Vichy Shower.

Body Salt Scrub with Vichy Shower

Your choice of essential oils (floral, citrus, or native traditions) blended with jojoba oil and special sea salts smooth and invigorate the body followed with nurturing bathing with silky coconut soap and being rinsed and relaxed by a warm Vichy Shower.

Taste of Everything with Vichy Shower

A wonderful combination of spa treatments blending dry body brushing, foot clay mask, hand salt scrub, with an aromatherapy body infusion and hot stones massage for back and neck, finishing with a Vichy Shower.

Back Salt Scrub with Vichy Spa Shower

Special sea salts and oil pamper your back followed by the deep relaxation of the Vichy Spa Shower.

Refreshing Face Treatment

Delightful cleansing, toning and moisturizing to refresh and rejuvenate the face done in a dry healing room.

Rejuvenating Face Treatment

Stimulating scalp massage with the use of Kansa Wand made of healing bronze metal reducing stress, pulling out toxins from tissues and muscles with gentle frictions.

Facial massage together with aromatic oils toning and moisturizing to refresh and rejuvenate the face done in a dry healing room.



Specialty Sessions


Thai Massage

These sessions are performed clothed upon a beautiful floor mat. This full body treatment focuses on stretching muscles and tendons, toning internal organs, balancing the body’s energy, promoting well being and over all relaxation.

Shiatsu Massage

A form of therapy of Japanese origin based on the same principles as acupuncture, in which pressure is applied to certain points on the body using hands. This provides a balancing and moderation of energy to promote health and wellbeing increasing vitality.

Reiki Healing with Sound Therapy

Reiki, a Japanese technique, uses hands on touch allowing universal life energy that flows through all living things to balance and flow through your body. Sound healing is added with crystals and aromatherapy to enhance your wholeness and healing.

Venerable Women Sacred Massage

Elements from ancient traditions along with modern energy wash over you with this experience. It begins with your being open to being honored by Venerable Women. As you relax into massage, felling the healing energy of sacred gemstones and kansa wands that originate in in India. You are blessed in body, mind and spirit by a state of peaceful inner focus.



 Luxurious Spa Days

Refreshing Spa Day

Blends an Hour of Massage, a Relaxing Face Treatment, Infrared Sauna Session and the Vichy Spa Shower.

Rejuvenating Spa Day

Mixes an infrared Sauna Session, with a Relaxing Face Treatment, enjoy for a Delicious Light Lunch. and your choice of Spa Experience (Body Clay Mask, Body Salt Scrub, or Taste of Everything) that includes a soothing Vichy Spa Shower and a Nurturing Hour of Massage.

Happy Feet Spa Day

Your feet smile as they slip into a luscious Floral Foot Soak and then delight as they smoothly are cleansed by the Foot Salt Scrub and believe they went to went to Heaven during a Feet First Session with Hot Stones and Towels and deeply satisfying Foot Massage.


Memberships & Specials

Memberships & Specials

These are your opportunites for you to invest in regular care for yourself and save.

These Are Ways To Save On An Hour Of Massage.

$75 An Hour • Regular Price

$70 An Hour • With Monthly Plan And Massage Package

$65 An Hour •With Weekly Plan


Weekly Or Monthly Wellness Plans

Our wellness plans are a way for you to budget care for yourself and be proactive about dealing with stress.

A 60 Minute Monthly Plan gives you an hour massage at $70 a month and a $60 Annual savings over Regular Rate.

A 60 Minute Weekly Plan gives you an hour massage at $65 a month, and $520 Annual savings over Regular Rate.

A 90 Minute Monthly Plan gives you an hour massage and a $120 Annual savings over Regular Rate.

Membership Benefits:

  • Free Upgrades ($10 Value) with each of your regular massage (Aromatherapy, Hot Stones, C.B.D Oil, or Outdoor Massage)

  • 10% Discount On additional services booked during an enrolled month or week. (Except Specials)

  • 10% Discount Off all Products

The Small Print: No Start Up Fee - Cancel Anytime

Rates are billed each month to your credit card.

Each weekly or monthly massage service must be used during the week or month that you are subscribed as a member or forfeited to maintain reduced rate.

Appointments may be rescheduled during your week or month with twenty-four notice.

Weekly or monthly sessions can be gifted to others. The membership holder must make the appointment for the recipient and it must be used within the specific month as the membership holder would.


Massage Package

The Massage Package is those who wish to be more spontaneous about meeting their wellness and care needs.

Purchase block of 300 MINUTES

$350 Save $25 Over Regular Rate

The Small Print: These are basically Blocks of massage minutes do not expire. These packages are exclusively for individuals and are not transferable to others. Blocks of time can be used in any combination for half hour, hour, ninety-minute sessions.

Check Regularly For Our Specials

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