David Mueller

David draws from a rich blend of traditions from ancient and modern cultures. Empowering others with unique perspectives on life and the creation of reality professionally for over thirty-three years.

He explores the art of living as a spa owner, a body therapist, therapeutic educator & entertainer, guide, and author.

Also experienced in counseling, addiction and abuse recovery, child care, crisis work, bodywork and massage therapy, injury care, education, spiritual exploration, body, mind & spirit relationships, stretching, dynamic movement, and stress management.

He is a former head of the massage school at the Aveda Institute and former instructor at St. Croix Center For Healing Arts, a certified aromaologist, a past president of the Minnesota Therapeutic Massage Network and a fully certified as a human being.

Nicole DePalma

Nicole has been teaching fitness and dance classes as well as conducting personal training and Pilates sessions for many years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise and a Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology.

Nicole is certified by the American Council On Exercise (ACE) as a group fitness instructor, the National Trainers Association (NETA) as a personal trainer, and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as a health fitness specialist by Power House Pilates as a Reformer Instructor, along with various fitness certifications and trainings including Stott Pilates.

Nicole is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, and works with clients of all backgrounds to integrate Ayurvedic healing modalities into their lifestyles.

Marcia Burt

Harmon Givens

Harmon Givens is a graduate from an East-West Massage program at Centerpoint in April of 2015, and has been practicing bodywork ever since specializing in Shiatsu, Swedish, and Therapeutic massage.

Shiatsu, a Japanese style bodywork is finger pressure that improves your Autonomic Nervous System (The nerve processes that you don't think about, like digesting food), body stretches that increase your flexibility and range of motion, and kneading techniques that harmonize your brain and body together. 

One of Harmon's exceptional strengths is his infinite curiosity and a profound wonder of life's knowledge.

Sandy Burdine

Judith Kulla

Judith celebrates in her work a oneness with Nature which easily invites your body, mind and spirit to return to it's natural state of harmony.

She studied her core bodywork at the St. Croix Center For Healing Arts.

Judith as a young grandmother and great grandmother, brings to her art the freshness of Childlike spirit along with the nurturing strength of Grandmother spirit. Deeply rooted in the ancient tradition of the "spiritual midwife", she is experienced in bringing babies into this world as well as holding those passing on to the next world. Her clients benefit from her rich sense of this continuity of life. Through bodywork and personal coaching, Judith delightfully challenges and inspires each person to live their life to their fullest.

Judith is supported by her spiritual commitment to her Anishinabe/Ojibawa and Finnish ancestry. She has explored and shared healing and artistic experiences with indigenous people throughout North and Central America, from Canada to Guatemala. Her own spiritual path includes advanced study in Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Therapy as well as energy work explored with the likes of Ted Andrews and Michael Harner.

She also enjoys being an artist through creating Living Art miniature gardens and furniture, and interior redecorating.

Sofia Shoen

Sofía has advance training in Medical Massage Therapy from Heath Matters Seminars in Honolulu, Hawaii. She has been a Bodyworker since 2008 and has over 2,000 hours of training in various Massage Modalities.

She combines the healing modalities of Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Facilitation Therapy and Structural Fascial Alignment to treat a broad spectrum of Musculoskeletal and Neuromuscular problems. Working with specific techniques allows the client to alleviate or fully recover from conditions such as chronic back, neck and hip problems, joint pain, TMJ, migraines, sleep apnea, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson’s disease, lymphedema, edema, adhesions and surgical scaring restrictions, and more.

She also has an AOS Degree in Massage Therapy with emphasis in Sports Massage from the Colorado School of Healing Arts, Lakewood, CO. She has worked with many clients to improve their athletic performance as well as to help reduce their healing time from an injury and from orthopedic surgery.

On the fall of 2015 she was part of a Tracy Walton & Associates Oncology Massage Intensive Program in Circle Pines, MN. where she acquired her certification in Oncology Massage and Pain Management to work on patients enduring cancer treatment or already in remission.

She is grateful to be part of Caring Hands where she feels at home and it sets the perfect space of healing to continue her practice and share her knowledge and experience with the community.

Amara Dalmas

As a Henna Artist, Amara brings a playful joy to her works of art which bring multiple smiles upon the faces of her clients.

She draws a beauty from within to the surface of each one she celebrates and decorates. 



Michael Cline

Michael gained a broad and comprehensive knowledge of massage bodywork studyng at the Bryman Institute in Eagan, Minnesota.

Michael's natural fascination with the intricate and deep dynamics of the workings of the body allows him to work in unique and effective ways to improve range of motion and quality of life. In his years of practice, he has specialized in the following areas: deep muscle therapy, trigger point therapy, and connective tissue work.

His warm and generous spirit invites his clients to relax in deep and profound ways.

Dr. David Blackie

Dr. Spencer David Blackie, DPT, OCS, NMD, CTN, CNC (Doctor of Natural Medicine Arkansas College of Natural Health, Masters in Occupational Therapy Loma Linda University and University of Southern California, Doctorate in Physical Therapy Boston University and University of St. Augustine) He is certified American Naturopathic Board, American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists, Board of Independent Iridology Specialists, and American Association of Nutritional Consultants. 

He blends this exceptional advanced study in Natural Health Care with an outstanding sense of touch in his hands on work. His lively background in running marathons, athletics and working with athletes gives him insights in to many sports and high performance activities 

Dr. Blackie also has creative working relationships with local Medical and Hospital personnel and heath givers nationwide with more than 45 years of service in Wellness.

Jenni Garlough


Heather is a graduate from Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN and has practiced Bodyworker since 2009. She provides effective bodywork techniques that facilitate relaxation, healing, balance promoting physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. She is committed to educating, uplifting and nurturing clients on their journey to health and well-being.

She is extensively experienced in Deep Muscular therapy, Swedish massage, Prenatal Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and advanced training in Injury Care. Heather’s background in Cosmetology celebrates Beauty being a reflection of inner strength and health rather than just decorating or covering up. Her focus on each one as an individual builds deep sense of beauty and confidence.

Beth Bergstedt